Badenoch & Strathspey Ramblers

Walking in the outstanding scenery of the Cairngorms National Park

Walk Notes

SAFETY: New members are requested not to attempt walks outwith their capabilities.  Whilst safety is always our first consideration, the Ramblers Association and its agents take no responsibility for any loss or injury incurred during their activities.  When signing in on the register, you should give an emergency contact, not necessarily your own.

It is essential for safety reasons that members of a group do not allow themselves to become separated from the rest of the party and, in particular, that walkers do not go ahead of the leader, however fast they may feel themselves to be capable of walking.

WEATHER: In cases of inclement weather, the decision whether to proceed or not will be made by the leader.  Where possible, alternative walks will be arranged, but it must be appreciated that such changes are made and arranged at very short notice.

MAPS: Maps used are in the OS Landranger series (1:50 000) or the Explorer series (1:25 000).

CLOTHING: You are advised to be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions regardless of the time of year.  Boots are advisable for the majority of walks.  Waterproof jackets and trousers are essential in winter and much more comfortable if made of a breathable material.  Several light layers of clothing are better than one heavy one; they allow more flexibility.  Breeches or trousers of modern synthetic materials are ideal.  Avoid jeans, which when wet are extremely uncomfortable and take a long time to dry.  Keep a hat and gloves in your rucksack, preferably waterproof, and, particularly in snow, dark glasses.

FOOD & DRINK: It is advisable to have a hot drink and adequate food, especially on winter walks.

DOGS: If you wish to bring a dog on a walk, it is important that you check with the leader in advance.  Owners should arrange to transport their dogs in their own cars.

MEMBERSHIP: New members are always welcome.  Membership is not necessary for up to three walks, but thereafter walkers will be expected to join the association.

LEADERS: The Leader's decision will be final on all matters concerning their walks.  Your Leaders make a considerable input on planning, pre-walking and organising the programme.  Please do nothing to undermine their authority and, in particular, if you have any comment to make regarding the conduct of the walk, do make it in private.  It is the responsibility of each Walk Leader to carry a First Aid Kit.

CARS: Because parking is frequently limited, please share transport as much as possible.  It is customary for passengers to make a contribution to the driver.  To keep things simple, if you get into someone's car, please give the driver £2 per passenger for trips within the Badenoch and Strathspey area.  For our infrequent trips outside the Strath, we suggest £3 per passenger.  This may be a bit hit and miss, but it should even out over time.  This is not a rule, so drivers should not be offended if someone forgets.  On the other hand, drivers should not confuse passengers by modestly refusing the contribution.  (For insurance purposes these contributions are donations and not a charge of any kind).



Please note that these are the grading the Badenoch & Strathspey Group uses on the walks programme that goes out to members.  The gradings on the RA Walks Finder database use a nationwide system intended to be meaningful to people from other parts of Britain.

 A      Suitable for fit and experienced Hill-walkers.  Long mountain days with lots of ascent and descent over rough terrain, some of it steep.

A+    Indicates a grade at the top end of this category requiring scrambling experience, a good head for heights and the ability to cope with sustained traverses over very rugged and demanding terrain.

B     Suitable for regular walkers, fit novices or anyone who takes regular aerobic exercise.  Mixture of paths, tracks and rough terrain with some steeper gradients in places.

B+   Indicates a grade at the top end of this category because of longer sections of rough terrain and/or steeper gradients.

C     Suitable for walkers with average fitness, limited experience, or anyone wanting to walk at an easy pace.  Mainly on paths and tracks with easy gradients.

C+   Indicates a grade at the top end of this category because of some short sections of rougher terrain or steeper gradients (but not both together).

Please be aware that grades can only ever be a guide to the standard of the walk and if you are in any doubt as to your own personal fitness for any particular walk, please do telephone the leader to check - remembering not to leave this until the evening before the walk - they may not be at home!

Friday, December 14, 2018